CF Summit Panel Discussion: Cloud Foundry Test Kitchen

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Increase availability, efficiency, & innovation

Virtual Machine Driver Pack

Paravirtualized disk, network, & balloon drivers

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop

Office tools that work with Windows, Mac & UNIX

SUSE Linux Enterprise Workstation Extension

Use your enterprise server as a workstation

SUSE Embedded

For stable and secure purpose-built appliances, devices, and systems

Enterprise Linux

High Availability

Clustering for physical & virtual servers

Geo Clustering

Clustering across unlimited distances

Real Time

Reduce system latencies & boost response times

Live Patching

Apply kernel patches without stopping the system

Business-Critical Computing

SUSE OpenStack Cloud

Open source private cloud for enterprise business

SUSE Public Cloud

Run your SUSE Solutions on global public cloud providers

Cloud Solutions

SUSE Enterprise Storage

Software-based data storage powered by Ceph

Software-defined Storage Solutions

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications

Optimized and resilient platform for SAP applications and databases

SUSE Public Cloud

Run your SUSE Solutions on global public cloud providers

SAP Solutions

SUSE Manager

Open source infrastructure management solution for enterprise DevOps and IT Operations

IT Infrastructure Management

SUSE CaaS Platform

Create microservices-based container applications and services

SUSE Cloud Application Platform

Streamline lifecycle management of traditional and new cloud native applications

Application Delivery Solutions

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